Bancore Global

Platform Provider

This service delivery model is for clients who want a well-functioning financial infrastructure under their own brand and wish to give all their customers a prepaid card account.


Bancore’s technology platform is one of the leading prepaid card management systems in the world, and further comes with a range of consumer front-ends like WEB, Mobile, APP, and social media integration – giving it all the advantages of a true Bank version 3.0.

The alternative to an in-house version is to outsource everything to Bancore, including system management, security, settlement/reconciliation, support, and system availability.


In either case a range of value added services can be included in the platform provisioning agreement, such as travel insurance, cashback, airport lounge access, global prepaid airtime, bill payment, remittance, bill issuing and global P2P – features ensuring that the consumer service will create both instant revenue and loyalty.