Bancore Global

Payment Gateway

Bancore’s Payment Gateway offers consumers in a large number of countries settlement, independently of whether the consumer is already banked or not.


Settlement can be to bank accounts, Micro Finance Institutions, or Micro Finance Bank accounts, eWallets, cardless ATMs, or by automatically opening a Bancore prepaid card account as part of the settlement process.


The service can either be integrated with any existing system using the Bancore API, or by utilizing the advanced WEB-interface, where recipient accounts can be created and settlements (also bulk) can be initiated.

The WEB Console gives access to a complete reporting and reconciliation system, manages failed settlement requests, and traces settlements, showing when and where they were executed.


The system works for existing remittance transactions, payroll, cashless distribution or managing/settling stipends or other forms of subsidies.


All by utilizing one of the most efficient interbank gateways in the market for both the private and public sector.