is an international payment card service, developed and owned by Bancore Group, that will initially be launched in Nigeria, to be followed shortly thereafter by similar launches in the rest of Africa, Europe and Asia, and subsequently in Latin America and the remainder of the world. offers a global bank-like experience for all consumers, by instantly issuing a virtual VISA or Mastercard directly to their mobile phones. This makes it possible to transfer money to any mobile phone anywhere in the world – even if the recipient is not yet a account holder.

Consumers will have a complete bank-like experience through WEB, mobile browser and App. Functions like e-shopping, P2P transfers, bill payment, and bank transfers (IBAN/SWIFT) are immediately accessible.

Furthermore, a range of optional value-added subscription services are included in the program, such as car-, health- and travel insurance, mobile phone data, airport lounge access, supermarket discounts – features ensuring that the services will make consumers want to onboard, while also creating value and loyalty.

The rapidly growing middle class has an increased need for global banking services, traveling, and basic insurance products for their families. Africa’s population has grown to one billion, and the continent’s middle class has grown to 350 million, according to an estimate by the African Development Bank. Expats in Europe with family in emerging markets need an efficient and low-cost way of sending money and paying bills on behalf of their family members back home. An estimated 2.3 million Africans live in Europe.

By onboarding the middle class, we will eventually also onboard family members in poor and remote areas, as middle class family members will use features like the P2P shortcuts of to help and support their families.

With we – MAKE SMARTER PAYMENTS – and meet everyday consumer needs through Financial Inclusion, in accordance with United Nations’ “Sustainable Development Goals”. We want to help remove the main obstacle to economic growth, which is fraud, with the resulting benefits trickling down to reduce poverty and gender and other inequalities, thereby achieving a better future for all.