Bancore Technologies

Bancore Group Technologies has developed the market leading and award winning prepaid Mastercard and VISA Program Manager platform which integrates global P2P transactions and our MarketPlace, which together will allow any consumer or business in the world to onboard and have an immediate bank-like experience at very low-cost.

Bancore Technologies AS, based in Copenhagen, owns all Bancore IP, primarily the payment platform and all future modifications and improvements hereof, but also those trademarks, designs, and global technical or commercial agreements that are not assigned to local business units.

Bancore Technologies’ permanent brief is to ensure that all Bancore business activities are strictly compliant with legal and industry practices in all countries or territories where Bancore is active. Day-to-day maintenance of our legal documentation and registrations keep the IP protected, and Bancore Technologies also grant approvals of license or sales agreements with external partners, as well as general business and software development.

In short, Bancore Technologies is the provider of core financial services and technologies to other entities of the Bancore Group, while the success of Bancore Technologies is dependent on the commercial success of other entities in the group.