Bancore Global

Executive Summary


Bancore’s in-house developed, all-purpose, mobile payment platform provides a payment service to anyone, anywhere in the world who needs to make a financial transaction. We do so by instantly opening a Bancore account on the user’s mobile handset, issuing a prepaid payment card and offering a range of integrated – as well as third-party services.


By “payments” we mean any kind of financial transaction between any two parties, for instance P2P, remittances, bill payments, payroll, subsidies, airtime purchase, and any future type of transaction that will benefit from the global financial infrastructure built by Bancore.


In developed countries the target consumer is typically a user who seeks increased security or privacy when shopping online, or an expat who sends funds to family and friends on a regular basis.

In emerging markets the target consumer is mainly a user who is under-banked or un-banked and therefore needs the ability to receive remittances, make payments, or receive regular payroll electronically.


Of the world population of 7B, at most 4B are banked, and a further 1B use a prepaid mobile wallet with limited functionalities.


Bancore’s “Bank Version 3.0” offers bank-equivalent and relevant services to everyone, including the 3B unbanked or underserviced consumers, and covers all present and future payment needs of global Consumers, Enterprises and Public sectors.