Bancore Global

Consumer Services

Bancore’s global consumer offering is branded “”, and is the first global bank version 3.0 product that offers a range of relevant services on multiple consumer front-ends, ensuring that consumers can join and access their prepaid cards and accounts globally in just a few seconds. is a superior way of instantly transferring funds to friends and family anywhere in the world (P2P), as well as providing a traditional bank-like experience (bill payment, remittance, prepaid airtime, and in some markets even a “credit line”).

To join, a consumer only needs a mobile phone, and within seconds an account is opened including a prepaid card (VISA or MasterCard).


If the consumer wishes to send funds, he or she just enter the recipient’s mobile number, and the system will automatically open a account for those recipients who are not already registered.


It is easy, fun, and secure, and provides access to the more than 45 million points of sale in the world that accept VISA and MasterCard – it is the future of banking for millions of consumers.