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Bank version 3.0

This is the unique package and product offered by Bancore – offering tomorrow’s financial services today.


Brett King, technology futurist and acclaimed author of Bank 3.0, predicts that we are entering a new era for financial services, where banking will no longer be “somewhere you go, but something you do”.


As we leave eras 1.0 and 2.0, which were typified by the shift from brick and mortar branches to e-banking, we enter a new age of a fully mobile real-time services environment, which provides virtual services to people who are no longer dependent on a physical infrastructure.


To meet the demands of modern customers while staying relevant, banks must adapt to changes in behavior of mobile internet users, which can be described as “real-time, on-demand, all-online, DIY and social”.

In terms of Bank 3.0, this means that a groundbreaking shift will take place from a business-centric financial model to a consumer-centric one, and in doing so completely redefines the user experience.


In the front office, at the point where customers interact with banks, there will be a real-time awareness of changing needs and fully customized services.


At the back-end, banks will need to revamp their operational procedures and focus on integrating backroom platforms and resource-sharing in order to provide a support as powerful as possible of the critical front office. In order for banks to offer a fully customer-centric service, they will need to respond to their consumers’ needs immediately.