Financial Inclusion via a
mobile Payments and MarketPlace platform

Dear reader,

We start this by giving you a quick peek at how we encourage consumers to sign up with Bancore or Monny.me, because it is important that professional and business users also see and understand our messaging – which is like a “mission statement”, but written in normal language, and we think it will make consumers enlist, use our site, and make a success of it.


Welcome – and congratulations! You have chosen to take charge of your finances, and with Bancore’s help you can now “plan your own luck” and prosperity.

Here is what Bancore does:

  • We’ll make you a Bancore account holder at absolutely no cost and help you send and receive money to and from anywhere in  the world,
  • Monny.me virtual cardThe moment you sign up to Monny.me on your mobile phone, you will receive a free payment card that works just like a regular plastic card and lets you do everything that traditional bank customers can do. Your “card” will be a picture on your phone screen, but it works exactly like a plastic card and has the same security features, known only to you,
  • You can pay bills from your phone (better than taking the bus!), receive money from family abroad, and buy stuff on the Internet that was impossible to order before, since online merchants do not accept cash,
  • We will make special offers available to you, including health insurance for your family, car and house insurance with small weekly payments, help with travel arrangements, or solar charging panels for your phone and home, if necessary also paid over time,
  • All you have to do is: order your card by going to Monny.me, and deposit some money on it – we will do the rest, but you have to first put money on your card before you can use it.

We hope you find our site interesting, because it will actually change your life!